Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

Reality 4.1. kommt

Das neue Reality aus Paolos Schmiede steht in den Startlöchern, die Version 4.1. verspricht dieses Mal ja einige sehr vielversprechende Neuerungen.
Nicht nur, das vereinfachte Bearbeiten von Licht und Texturen, sowie OpenGL sollen verbessert werden. Für mich vorallem interessant, dass die neue Version um einiges schneller rendern soll.
Der Vergleich der Renderzeiten:
Reality 4 bei einer Renderzeit von 1 Stunde, vergleichbar in der neuen Version von 8 Minuten!
Wäre ein Meilenstein, welche das Programm auch für mich wieder interessant machen würde. Bisher fehlte mir für diese Bearbeitung definitiv die Geduld!

A new version of Reality is in development and it's stunning.

We have achieved speed increase of more than 7 times compared to Reality 4.0 and this is with CPU rendering alone. More speed will be accessible by using the CPU and the GPU together.

This means that, if a render would take 1 hour with Reality 4, it will take about 8 minutes with Reality 4.1.

When using the GPU Reality will give you to use any number of computing devices, in any combination. Reality works with OpenCL which means that you have the choice to use GPUs from any vendor, as long as they provide OpenCL support. To date, AMD, nVidia, Intel and others provide products that are OpenCL-compliant. Reality will allow you to use those devices in a open, collaborative manner.

Not happy to have such a great improvement we are also working on making the program even easier. Editing of Color and Image Map textures is much, much easier with the new direct-editing feature. A click on a color swatch, in the Specular channel for example, opens the Color picker. No need to go through the Texture Editor for such simple task.

We are also working on multi-editing of textures, to make it simpler to apply the same change to textures of multiple materials with one click.

Reality 4.1 will be, hopefully, released in a few weeks and will be a free update for all Reality 4 users.

You can follow the day-by-day development of Reality on Twitter. Paolo is posting news as he develops the program. Follow him at

Happy rendering.
Weitere Informationen gibt es natürlich aktuell ständig im Reality Update Blog

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